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The Home Buying Process

  • After making the decision to buy a new property, it’s best to bring in an expert like JP Summit Realty. Embarking on this journey with the best possible team will help you acquire your dream home. After contacting us about your real estate needs, we can help you narrow down your search by considering your ideal house size, pricing, budgeting logistics, obtaining financial pre-qualification and approval, and so much more. This initial assessment gives us a better understanding of your wants and needs in this market.

    We will also get you acquainted with the mortgage lending process and guide you through getting a loan. JP Summit Realty will work with mortgage representatives and help find you a generous initial assessment to begin the Home Buying Process. We will help you figure out the basics and go from there, building trust along the way.

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  • Selecting and viewing the properties is such an exciting part of the home buying journey. Deciding which potential homes to visit and setting clear expectations are crucial elements of the Pre-Offer phase. Online pictures and strategic photos can hide the truth behind a home, but fortunately, our in-person analysis can help walk the property with you. We will accompany you and ask questions to ensure you are getting the most from your visit. JP Summit Realty is a leader in finding houses that can one day become your future home. Our first-hand experience with the area can help narrow down what neighborhoods will meet your needs best.

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  • During the Negotiating Offers phase, JP Summit Realty’s professional experience will shine. In a closed bid process, your realtor will begin negotiating with other realtors, creating a conversation with competing bids. We will collectively and strategically decide how much we will bid for the house, then place an earnest deposit. This heart-pumping step never guarantees your purchase will go through, but we will do our best to position ourselves to have the best chance at winning the negotiation. Fighting on your behalf to secure your dream home is our top priority. With our skillset and experience, we can navigate multiple bid situations, two-step bids, and other common curveballs.

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  • There can be a lot of moving parts in this phase. Attorney review is usually a three-business day period when buyers and sellers have their real estate attorney review and modify a purchase sale agreement. In New Jersey, the attorney review clause is required. Although either the buyer or the seller can choose not to consult an attorney, they cannot waive the provision clause. Our undivided attention in this step will mitigate the potential for losing the home to another buyer. We’ll help you to understand what the home inspector is suggesting and guide you through next steps. When it’s time to visit the final house in the applicant pool, be sure to do so with a curious eye. Utilize your home inspector and realtor to go over the house’s condition to ensure the purchase meets your expectations.

    During this stage, one may obtain a loan approval. To do so, a buyer will complete the mortgage application, credit reports, appraisals, and verifications to continue the home buying process. This culminates with a title exam and negotiating of your title insurance. At the end of this part, signing the documents will mark the official start of your homeownership. We will be with you every step of the way to navigate these time-sensitive responsibilities.

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  • Finally, receiving the keys to your kingdom is one of the most rewarding parts of this entire experience. After our journey together, JP Summit Realty will be thrilled to give you access to the house of your dreams. We will also help you get situated in your new home, including putting you in contact with our best-known contractors, painters, carpenters, and more.

    Our team will also want to stay in contact with you and be an asset as you assimilate to the community. Let us help you find the best school to send your kids to, locate you a great home security system, and plan goals for your future. We can also provide advice on upgrading your new house and how that will impact the resell value.

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Are you ready to begin selling your house? Or to start finding and buying your dream home? Contact Johann and let’s kick off your real estate journey the right way. Reach out and book an appointment today.


    Johann Panlilio, ABR, SRS